Anticancer treatment technology forenhanced targeting, Targeted Anticancer DrugDelivery System

BIOINFRA Life Science is developing a localized drug delivery method that maximizes the therapeutic effect throughtargeting of selected sites and through stable delivery of therapeutic drugs.


Targeted drug/gene delivery system using ultrasound

Stability Implementation Technology

In order to administer a drug selectively to the target site, the drug must circulate stably within the blood for a certain period of time. However, most drugs are recognized by the immune system as foreign substances, and end up being decomposed. BIOINFRA Life Science is developing microbubbles that can counter such effect to achieve stable blood circulation of the drug and thus enable effective drug delivery.

Targeting Implementation Technology

In order to achieve precise targeting, we are developing ultrasound technology that utilizes microbubbles to induce cavitation effect so that the drug encapsulated microbubble acts only on targeted cancerous cells.

Maximizing therapeutic effects and developing ways toovercome resistance of targeted breast cancer drugsthrough inhibition of ANT2 expression

ANT2 is a gene that extensively interferes with cancer growth, metastasis, and chemotherapeutic response.ANT2 inhibition using siRNA or shRNA maximizes apoptosis of cancerous cells and treatment usinganticancer drugs. BIONIFRA is developing therapeutic agents that enhance stability and targeting throughthe combined usage of Focused Ultrasound and ANT2 siRNA or shRNA loaded microbubbles.

ANT2 in timor cells: ATP import into the matrixGlycolysis

Therapeutic agent that overcomes the Blood-Brain Barrier

Even with the presence of therapeutically effective drugs, current medical technology impedes effectivedelivery beyond the Blood Brain Barrier (BBB), a conduit for blood and cerebrospinal fluid within the centralnervous system. BIOINFRA Life Science is developing a treatment method that could overcome the BBB with Ultrasoundand chemotherapeutic drug encapsulated microbubbles.

1: Tight Junction2: Endothelium3: Basement Membrane4: Astrocyte