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BIOINFRA Life Science aims to lead the global bio-market and contribute to human health.


BIOINFRA Life Science willcontinue to protect humanhealth based on our globallyrenowned original technologies.

CEO Dukyun Lee

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Founded in 2001, BIOINFRA Life Science has come to possess a global level of technology by uncovering biomarkers, which are the core technology of the biomedical field, and by creatively attempting the convergence of bioinformatics. Furthermore, BIOINFRA Life Science is currently developing cancer gene treatments and technologies that systematically monitor the possibility of metastasis and recurrence in blood for cancer patients. This is an aim carried out to contribute to the promotion of human health and to play our part in eradicating cancer, a disease that is on the increase in an aging society.

The business line of BIOINFRA Life Science is aimed at integrated precision medicine which goes beyond the commonly used categories of diagnostic devices, reagent development, and molecular diagnosis. A combination of global source technologies, research know-how, expert management, and a research team devoted night and day to research and experiments aims at becoming a leading company in not only the domestic bio industry but also the global bio industry.

As a representative of the executives and staff, I sincerely thank you for your continued interest and encouragement for our company.

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As the innovative company leading the bio market,we open up new business areas.

Cancer Screening Test Technology

  • Development of multi-biomarker combination
  • Development of cancer pre-test analysis algorithm
  • Development of related kits

Continuous Cancer Biomarker Research

  • Excavation of cancer-related marker (biomarker) inside the blood
  • Grafting with DNA, CTC testing technologies and more

In-Vitro Diagnostics Medical Devices

  • Development of analytic device on automatic unmanned operating system for mass analysis of blood

Targeted Drug Delivery Systems for Cancer Treatment

  • Development of micro-bubbles that can effectively deliver drugs utilizing ultrasonic technology
  • Development of disease treatment system for the commercialization of micro-bubbles and anti-cancer targeted drug delivery system

We create a healthy future for peoplethrough endless research and development of advanced technology.


Biomarker discovery andthe establishment of the diagnosis technology development

    Founded Venture and Company Certification
    Selected as the Next Generation’s Growth Engine Business by the Ministry of Science and Technology
    Acquired the Inno-Biz certification, established the company’s affiliate research institute
2007 - 2012

Verification of diagnosis methodand international patents

    Acquired Level A for the new technology commercialization validity by the Small and Medium Business Administration
    Transfer of liver cancer diagnostics kit technology
    Journal publication on Breast Cancer Screening
    The multiplex bead array approach to identifying serum biomarkers associated with breast cancer
    Research on developing complex in-vitro diagnostics biochip, selected as a business project by the Ministry of Knowledge and Economy
    Certified of the new health technology by the Ministry of Health and Welfare
    Journal publication on Lung Cancer Screening
    A novel detection method of non–small cell lung cancer using multiplexed bead-based serum biomarker profiling
    Journal publication on Gastric Cancer Screening
    Serum biomarker panels for the diagnosis of gastric adenocarcinoma
2013 -

Technology advancement

    Re-certified as new health technology by the Ministry of Health and Welfare
    Journal publication on Lung Cancer Screening
    Diagnostic Value of Combining Tumor and Inflammatory Markers in Lung Cancer
    CE Marking (MBCT for Lung Cancer)