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‘Smart’ in Cancer Test, Detect before it sprout


The Korean Society of Health Screening and Promotion (KSHCP, Dong Seokho, Professor Gastrointestinal Internal Medicine, College of Medicine, Gyunghee University) is holding its fall conference in Kyunghee University on the 5th day of this month.

In this conference, Prof. Cheolwoo Kim from Seoul National University Cancer Research Institute is planned to make a presentation on the ‘Smart Cancer Screening Test’. The cancer research has focused on cancer cells so far. In general, once cancer cell settled in a certain organ, it takes 7 to 10 years for cancer cells to grow 1 to 2 centimeter big and become stage one cancer, while then causing numerous changes in blood and a body system. 

Moreover, the growth and the spread of cancer are affected by surrounding factors as well as cancer cell itself. These factors such as gene, albumen, and microRNA cause cancer cell to grow and adapt to surroundings. 

So, the blood of a cancer patient contains not only substances produced by cancer cells but also other substances produced by the interactions among surrounding cells. Smart Cancer Screening Test has been developed based on a hypothesis that all of these substances could be important markers in detecting cancers. 

Dr. Kim’s ‘Smart Cancer Screening Test’ can even determine the probability of developing cancer as well as detect the already developed cancer, by analyzing the cancer risks in the blood sample. While other tests, in general, can detect cancer only when it already developed, Smart Cancer Screening Test is able to detect cancer even before it actually develops.

Currently, this test can examine 6 major types of cancer (lung cancer, stomach cancer, colorectal cancer, prostate cancer, breast cancer, liver cancer) and can inform the person of how vulnerable the person is to each type of cancer and how big the risk is.

In addition, Prof. Kim developed the Comprehensive Smart Cancer Blood Test System, which can detect the risk to the lifestyle-related chronic diseases by applying the Smart Cancer Screening Test technology.  The Comprehensive Smart Cancer Blood Test can display multi-dimensionally the risk to the 8 major types of lifestyle-related chronic diseases such as cardiovascular dysfunction, immunity deficiency, diabetes, metabolic syndrome, hypothyroidism, liver problems, kidney problems, and blood problems. So doctors can determine more systematically if the person is healthy, if the person needs any change in the lifestyle, or if the care for the current patients is on the right track, by using the test results.


The Smart Cancer Screening Test (joint-developed by Seoul National University Cancer Research Institute, Samsung Cancer Research Institute MRC, and BIOINFRA) received new technology certificates from Ministry of Health and Welfare in 2011 and 2015. 



2015.12.03 | reported by Minwook Park |