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[CEO&]Freeze, Cancer Cells!… Screening 6 Cancers with a Small Amount of Blood



A new bio-technology, which can screen 6 types of cancers such as liver cancer, lung cancer, stomach cancer, colorectal cancer, breast cancer, and prostate cancer by detecting a specific protein found in cancer cells with a small amount of blood, has been developed and gained much attention. 

Bio-technology company, BIOINFRA(CEO Cheolwoo Kim, has developed a ‘multiple marker’ big data pool, which can diagnose certain cancers by examining certain protein types in a drop of blood, and has been preparing for a full-scale service. 


‘Smart Cancer Screening Test’ of BIOINFRA follows the ‘cancer marker test’ method using the blood. A certain substance produced by cancer cells and move into the blood stream. Cancer marker test measures the density of the substance and determines the likelihood of cancer risk. The test analyzes 19 types of protein markers only using a small amount of blood sample and tells the likelihood of cancer risk with dramatically increased accuracy. In order to examine cancer more accurately and definitely, various radiology tests must be carried out. These tests are very costly and as well may cause excessive radiation exposures. Meanwhile, the cancer marker test can screen the cancer risk in an early stage cost-effectively. 

The old blood test for cancer has low accuracy since it only examines single protein to detect certain cancer. In contrast, BIOINFRAS’s Smart Cancer Screening Test delivers high accuracy in screening for cancer by detecting multiple types of protein markers. 

Cheolwoo Kim, the CEO of BIOINFRA says, “Smart Cancer Screening Test can inform patients the likelihood of the risk of each 6 cancers using our software, which can analyze the 19 biomarkers distinctive between cancer patients and non-cancer patients” and “We expect this test will make good use for screening early stage cancer since it is inexpensive and very simple with high accuracy.”

CEO Cheolwoo Kim, incumbent pathology professor of College of Medicine, Seoul National University, found from his over 30 years of research that cancer cells have various types of protein pieces on the surface but normal cells don’t have them. Smart Cancer Screening Test, which developed through over 6 years of intense research after the finding, is applauded to have an infinite potential in the ‘HealthCare 3.0’ era when people pay much attention to increasing healthy life span.



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reported by Cho Changrae