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15th Regular General Meeting of Shareholders

Notice| 2016-03-15

We wish for the good health of all shareholders and peace for their families. The company will host, in the following manner, the 15th Regular General Meeting of Shareholders according to article 363, clause 22 of the commercial law, so we would like to ask all shareholders to participate.


-Date and Time: 9 a.m. March 30 (Wed), 2016

-Location: Lee Kun-hee Hall, Samsung Cancer Research Institute Level 2, 28-2, 

Yeongeon-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul


※ Only shareholders may attend the general meeting.

※ If the voting right is to be exercised by proxy, a power of attorney, a certificate of a seal impression, and the identification of the agent are required.


*Direct Exercise

-Content: General meeting attendance and voting

-Attendance Type: Attendance by the shareholder

-Preparations: Attendance Sheet, Identification


*Exercise by Proxy

-Content: Designating agent to attend the general meeting and voting by proxy

-Attendance Type: Not attended by the shareholder, attendance by agent 

-Preparations: Attendance sheet, power of attorney (Shareholder’s personal data and 


seal), certificate of the seal impression, and identification of the agent